A Timeline is list of events in order of occurence.

The timeline for this wiki is incomplete, and please add more onto this page.

Period one start

Distant Past: main events include the solar system and the Universe being created.

1st-18th Century

19th Century

20th Century

21st Century

22nd Century

23rd Century

24th Century

25th Century

26th Century

27th Century

28th Century

29th Century

30th Century

31st Century

32nd Century

33rd Century

34th Century

35th Century

36th Century

37th-70th Century

Far Future (untill period 2).

Period 2 start

5th Millenia (starts 10,000 AD)

6th Millenia (starts 12,000 AD)

7th Millenia (starts 14,000 AD)

8th Millenia (starts 16,000 AD)

9th Millenia (starts 18,000 AD)

10th Millenia (starts 20,000 AD)

11th Millenia (starts 22,000 AD)

12th Millenia (starts 24,000 AD)

13th Millenia (starts 26,000 AD)

14th Millenia (starts 28,000 AD)

15th Millenia (starts 30,000 AD)

16th Millenia (starts 32,000 AD)

17th Millenia (starts 34,000 AD)

18th Millenia (starts 36,000 AD)

19th Millenia (starts 38,000 AD)

20th Millenia (starts 40,000 AD)

21st-40th Millenia (starts 42,000 AD, ends 80,000 AD)