The Solar System is in the Milky Way Galaxy
Our Milky Way Galaxy..

There are a total of 54 billion 1 hundred thousand (54,000,100,000) Languages spoken in the Solar System.

Every planet In the Solar System has Life and there are numerous countries spread over them.

The Most Powerful Countries are listed below:

  1. Earth Greater Empire
  2. Lunar Colony 164
  3. Roman Empire
  4. Northern Finland
  5. Aifmeonewaigofnofguhhnofgobby
  6. North Of England
  7. Lunar Colony 1
  8. Lunar Colony 386
  9. The Great Martian Empire
  10. Peru
  11. USSA
  12. Aisle Of White
  13. 東面 アジア 植民地 Of 明星 ・天の原 (also Known As Venus)
  14. Ubigugrinownipopewarlusia

The Solar System may be confused with The Dolar System or The Dollar System.

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