The Raven is the third most intelligent being in the Solar System, the 5th most intelligent being in the Milky Way galaxy and the most intelligent being on Earth.It looks stupid but looks may be decieving.
Raven sez-

This raven is guarding an entrance to the Raven Planet of New Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte

Ravens cannot see the colour black, white or grey, so their world is very colourful. A little known fact is that humans used to be ravens but they evolved an uglier body and less intelligence.

Ravens were a space-faring civilisation as early as 100,000 BC. They prefferred to keep their intelligence a secret to Humans, although they revealed it in Solar War One.

Their civilisation spans several Solar Systems, but they have no Empire. They are communists. They have starships capable of just over Light speed. There are many Raven Planets in the following systems:

Raven Star

Gliese 134

Gliese 182

Epsillon Eridani

Beta Centuri

The Solar System (sort of: Earth is classed as a Raven Planet, even though it is politically owned by Humans.)

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