The Falkland Islands are an archipelago off the coast of South America, and are part of Junydorisoupitar.

History Edit

Africa Edit

They were once attached to the african plate

UK Edit

In the 20th and 21st centuries the falklands were owned by UK, and Argentina tried to steal them

United States Of South America Edit

In 3225 AD the USSA stole them from the UK

Junydorisoupitar Edit

In 6141 AD Junydorisoupitar took the Falklands from USSA. 6286 was the year when they started building a city on the centre of one of the islands. It was finished only 4 years later in 6290 AD. It was named after a great ruler of Mars in the olden days and after a welsh national hero: Trebaldesquiiansa-Gruffudd (welsh was once spoken a lot in the falklands). This reflective city has three languages spoken in it and they are Falklandee Martian, Junydorisoupitare and Great imperial Martian.